Departments & Offices

While Highsmith Student Union is its own functioning department, it is also the facility that houses a number of other departments, offices, and student suites. Other areas within Highsmith Student Union include:

Blue Echo Radio

Blue Echo Radio is UNC Asheville’s student-run online radio! Tune in for some great student DJs playing catchy tunes, sweet giveaways, live artists, interviews, and more. Visit Blue Echo’s Facebook page to learn more.

Career Center

The Career Center engages students from their first semester on campus to explore, think critically, make informed decisions, develop relationships, and define their own success in life and work. We accomplish our vision and mission through curriculum integration, comprehensive career coaching, and the facilitation of meaningful relationships between students, employers, and alumni. Visit the Career Center website to learn more.

Key Center for Community Engaged Learning

The Key Center for Community Engaged Learning is the hub of community engagement at UNC Asheville, connecting students, faculty, staff, and community partners in meaningful and transformative relationships that strengthen communities and address societal needs. Visit the Key Center’s website to learn more.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) serves as a leader in advancing UNC Asheville’s core value of diversity and inclusion. Visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs website to learn more.

Student Environmental Center

The Student Environmental Center at UNC Asheville is a student-funded student-run department that seeks to engage students, faculty, staff, and the Asheville community in conversation and action around environmental issues. We are a campus resource for information related to environmental stewardship, university sustainability, and community outreach. Visit the Student Environmental Center’s website to learn more.

Student Government Association

The University of North Carolina at Asheville Student Government Association is here to serve students through organization, representation, education, and leadership. We work in collaboration with student organizations, academic departments, university administration, the Association of Student Governments, local Asheville businesses and organizations, and many other partners to advocate for students and enhance the student experience. Visit the Student Government Association website to learn more.

Transition & Parent Programs

The Office of Transition and Parent Programs coordinates programs and services that provide diverse opportunities and a set of shared experiences and common information for new students. Visit the Transition & Parent Programs website to learn more.