Co-Curricular Transcript

Ready to prove that you really were the greatest of great as a student leader at UNC Asheville? Time to develop your Co-Curricular Transcript! A Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a custom, self-reported, university-verified document that outlines your involvement in activities out of the classroom during your time at UNC Asheville.

Any CCT can include:

  • Student organization experience
  • Leadership activities
  • Internships & jobs
  • Honors & awards
  • … and so much more!

Why do you need one? A CCT:

  • Supplements your academic transcript and resume
  • Supports scholarship and award applications
  • Strengthens your profile as a liberal arts graduate

There are four ways you can build your CCT:

  • Attend events with skills attached to them (you can see which events count for each skill by viewing a skill and then selecting “View Events”
  • Be a member or officer of a student organization for at least 1 year and fill out a Reflection form
  • Participate in an Experience on campus
  • Think you should earn a skill another way? Apply for that Opportunity!

Check out your own CCT on your profile on UNCA Now and see what else you can add to it!