Student Organization Council

Council Members

  • Mikayla Hylemon | Finance Chair

    Direct oversight of Student Org Council including meeting coordination and facilitation, responsible for planning Campus Commission process come Spring semester, update student org budgets appropriately, oversee reimbursement processes

  • Rose Gilbert | Membership & Onboarding Chair 
    Direct oversight of new membership and recruitment of student organizations, responsible for organizing and sending relevant communication to organizations, oversee the administrative information and functions across all student organizations
  • Emma Perrotta | Student Organization Development Chair

    Direct oversight of developmental opportunities for executive board members, responsible for planning and implementing appropriate resources for student orgs, facilitator for student org workshops, collaborate and plan with campus partners who may be invited to various workshops

  • Maddy Gilroy | Campus Outreach & Technology Chair

    Responsible for assisting the Highsmith Student Union team with the education and implementation of Rocky Connect (UNC Asheville’s student engagement platform), build relationships across campus to gain buy-in from students, staff, and faculty, lead workshops and sessions to educate users, assist with the marketing and promotion of Rocky Connect

Student Organization Council Meeting Dates

The Student Organization Council meets weekly on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm. To request a meeting, organizations must email at least 24 hours before.