Student Organization FAQs

Highsmith Student Union is brimming with opportunities for students to get engaged at UNC Asheville, with a number of those opportunities calling our Student Organizations home! From academic honor societies and service academies to a cappella groups and just-for-fun gatherings, there’s something for everyone! Still can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries! We are here to help you start the next great thing at UNC Asheville, providing you every resource and chance to create your own student organization from the ground up, all with our help and guidance.

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Student Organizations at UNC Asheville! Not finding the answer or question you’re looking for? Contact the Student Organization Council (!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I spend my club’s Campus Commission or SOC money?

You have several options for using your organization’s funds:

  • Purchase Request: Anything that can be ordered online can be requested through the SOC. Make a copy of this budget template to provide a detailed shopping list for SOC, including URLs and specific product details. Send this to SOC and Anna Claire, Associate Director of Programming for Highsmith Union, who will purchase these items and inform the requestor once the supplies have arrived to campus.
  • Receipt reimbursement: Receipts can be scanned/emailed to Anna Claire Jackson ( Reimbursement checks will be processed and mailed to the reported address within 3 weeks.
  • Invoices: If you receive an invoice for catering, an independent contractor, or a performer, this should be emailed to AND Anna Claire Jackson (

Do I have to present to the SOC to use my organization’s Campus Commission funds?

No! In order to use funding your organization received through campus commission, simply fill out the detailed budget template with requested items and email it to AND Please allow a window of 14 business days to allow for shipping and unforeseen circumstances.

How do I know how much money my student organization have?

For budget inquiries, simply email the SOC (!

How do I request funds for my organization?

Student organizations have two main opportunities for requesting funds:

  • Campus Commission: This is a yearly process which takes place each April, where organizations can apply for funding for the following school year. Organization leaders will receive details to their student org email account via the SOC email in late March regarding the application process
  • Student Organization Council: For organizations who did not apply for Campus Commission or who need additional funding for programs or travel, you may apply to present at one of the weekly SOC meetings throughout the school year. Program Funding Requests must be submitted one week prior to the SOC meeting in which you would like to present; Travel Fund Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance

Can my organization have a bank account for fundraising?

If you raise money for your organization and would like to place it in a secure account, contact Anna Claire Jackson ( to request an 8-fund. You may make purchases using your 8-fund through the same channels as your student organization budget. Just be sure to specify the account you would like to draw from (for Purchase Requests, receipt reimbursement, or payment of invoices and honorariums).

How do I reserve a table or space for my org?

  • Submit the Event Registration form on the Forms page or access by clicking Create > Event from your Admin Dashboard
  • All student organization activities should be submitted through Rocky Connect. Registration of events and recording attendance is required to remain in good standing and qualify for funding.

Should my club have an email account?

Yes! Your club advisor should submit this form to request a generic UNC Asheville email address on behalf of your organization. All requests are reviewed by three levels: ITS, Communications and Marketing, and Highsmith Union staff.

What spaces can I reserve?

Please see ‘How do I reserve a space?’ above. Once a Rocky Connect event registration form has been received, our Events and Operations team ( can book nearly any space on campus. This includes (but is not limited to) Highsmith Union, Brown Hall meeting rooms, classrooms, outdoor spaces, and the Sherrill Center.*

Special/large events take additional planning. We require immediate consultation with Silke Crombie, Associate Director for Events and Operations, and Chris Asbill, Assistant Director for Event Technology and Facility Operations, in the planning stages of your event. In normal operating circumstances we need at least 4-5 weeks of planning events of 50 people or more. Please be advised the impacts of COVID-19 may increase the need for more detailed planning.

*After hours events in Sherrill and other campus venues may require a fee. This can be paid out of your organization’s fund.