Leadership Development

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Leadership Development at UNC Asheville is here to help you do that! Were you involved in high school and want to put your leadership skills to the test at UNCA? Are you in a leadership role within your student organization and need further help or guidance? Want to just learn more about what it means to be a good leader? We’re here to help! Utilizing the Social Change Model, Leadership Development wants to provide you the tools and resources to be successful as you navigate your own definition of leadership!

Emerging Leaders

A new program at UNCA, Emerging Leaders is your chance to dip your toes into leadership development before you dive in head first. Open to first-year and second-year students, including transfers and early college students, Emerging Leaders is an opportunity to get to know other like-minded leaders as they work through their own leadership development at UNC Asheville. From personality tests to outdoor excursions, Emerging Leaders will bring new and rising leaders at UNCA together to build friendships, further identity development, and take leadership in Asheville to the next level.

Interested in joining Emerging Leaders? Email highsmithunion@unca.edu!

Fall 2020 Emerging Leaders:

  • Check back soon!

LEAD Series

Want to enhance your leadership skills? The LEAD Series is a free, one-hour, leadership development series designed to help students advance their leadership styles by practicing and learning essential skills to become a well-rounded leader at UNC Asheville and the greater community. Standing for Leadership Exploration And Development, LEAD was previously known as the Leadership Development Series. A faculty or staff member that specializes in the leadership topic will lead the session. Registration is not required.

Fall 2020 Leadership Development Series:

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Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society for junior and senior-level students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni. Students are nominated to join the organization by faculty and staff based on their participation in at least two of the following criteria:

  1. GPA
  2. Campus Involvement
  3. Scholarly Accomplishments
  4. Athletics

Want to learn more or become a member of Omicron Delta Kappa at UNC Asheville? Please contact the Assistant Director for Leadership Development at 828-251-6244, or email doverall@unca.edu.

UNC Asheville Leadership Summit

The 2020 UNC Asheville Leadership Summit will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Stay tuned for more information about the next Leadership Summit!